What is Je Joue?

In 2001 several students of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga decided to prove that the school is not all about economics and business, but it also holds a creative spark as they saw how many creative people studied there. They created an arts’ organization JeJoue [zhe:zhuu] (‘I Play’ fr. French) to involve active and curious students in diverse activities. The organisation is constantly growing, accepting new members and organizing more and more interesting events. The format is changing every year as a new generation of organizers replace the previous ones and bring in fresh ideas and experience. Je Joue organizers strive to provide events and activities of latest trends in culture, arts and society, as well as put conventional arts’ in new amplua. Just to name a few: Je Joue has organized concerts, fashion shows, graffiti workshops, drama performances, various kinds of challenging contests. Now the event has spread all over the city and is highly regarded by other students and creative people.

At first (2001) Je Joue organized an event called ‘Arts‘ week‘, which consisted of several small performances, expositions and etc. for the students of SSE Riga and RGSL. In 2010 the team decided to do something different instead of a week-long event and signed up for the Museum Nights – a one day during which not only students, but all the residents could come and enjoy the show.

The theme of the first Museum Nights in SSE Riga was  ‘Across the world and culture’. Visitors could acquaint themselves with the exotic aspects of many cultures: Japan (Aikido lessons), Greece (Star gazing), France (, USA (hippies), Brazil (traditional dances) and many other countries. The event was finished off with a performance of an orchestra.

The second time the event was organized the theme was ‘Emotions’. Visitors could learn about their phobias in the Fear room, find out the meaning of desire in the Love room, get awe-struck in the Surprise room, get cheered up in the Happiness room and many others. The highlight of the day was the performance of the improvisation theater.  And who could forget the flashy guy?:)