Program in short

19.00 – 01.00 – activities in rooms

22.30 – 23.00 (Lobby) – SSER choir performance

23.00 – 01.00 (Lobby) – live music and dances

This year the team of Je Joue presents a game of life – “Blue Dabudai”. The rules are simple: one should go through different periods of life (childhood, teen age, university age, working period and pension) and collect points. The ones who manage to collect the largest amount of points will be able to see what happens in “paradise”, others will have a chat with thedevilJ. We have chosen a title “Blue Dabudai” because of the Eiffel 65 song Blue Da Bu Dee. This song is a story of a man who sees everything in blue color/ has a blue life, which also relates to the living with never losing hope. Our guests are welcome to visit not only the activities in the rooms, but also the theater performance, the choir concert and the live music concert with dances at the very end of the event.

Below you can get acquainted with the activities in each of the rooms.

Child Room

Location: Lobby

Do you remember your room when you were a child? Can you imagine all the stuff you had in there in the Lobby of SSE Riga? If the answer is negative or you have problems with imagination, come to Museum Nights and you will be able to remember. Lots of fluffy toys, funny music, dolls, little cars, candies and bright colors – all of that you will be able to see in the Lobby on the 19th of May. Here’s a little secret: if you want to get more points, start preparing a funny joke.  Also you can start refreshing doll dressing, drawing, and Super Mario playing skills, since you will use them a lot. Be ready for a colorful photo shoot, being dressed in a childish way will be a huge advantage for you. J

Teen Room

Location: 3rd floor

Ohh yeah, sweet sixteen! The time when all of us had an idol to copy, a pair of stylish jeans with glitters and some more very cool clothes. We offer you to get back to this period and have the fun that you used to have. You will be able to fill a wide range of personality and relationship tests from the most famous teen

magazines, create friendship bracelets and even play thespinning bottle game. When stepping into this room you will feel about five years younger – be ready for that!

University Room

Location: Soros

The studies in the University of Je Joue are taken to the next, not yet experienced, but awesome level. All the activities in this room go along with the motto: “study hard, party harder”. One will be able to check his/her IQ by filling in tests, create his/ her own brand new square academic cap, get to know some interesting and random facts and, of course, have a small party afterwards.

Work Room

Location: 4th floor

Work is not just about being serious and doing tasks all day long, it is also about fun and entertainment. As much as we love hard work, this time we have chosen to show the entertaining part of the working period. By stepping into the room you will meet some corporate-looking people, who will offer you to do some fun things. For instance, competition of throwing paper into a trash bin while sitting on a chair, darts with a picture of some boss, role-play: secretary and boss meeting, racing with books and a lot more.